The visit was to inspire and enrich the children's vocabulary about look, habitat, eating, moving, feeling etc and was spot on!
– Manston St James Primary School, Leeds

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At Animals In-Tuition our team of rangers are passionate about promoting respect for and an understanding of a wide variety of animals and their habitats.

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Our events and workshops provide a fun, rewarding and educational experience for young and old alike.

All the animals that accompany our rangers on visits have been chosen carefully to ensure that they are comfortable with being out and about meeting new people.

In Schools, nurseries, care homes, your party, out in the community, or corporate event, Animals in-tuition will deliver an exceptional service. Just check out our testimonials.


Meet the Team.......... Our Rangers can cover areas not listed below, for further information contact Jo on 07817 637366 or email

  • Andrew Grantham covers Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Derbyshire West. Tel 07791 153757. Email Regulation Licence 18/03472 - click to view more

    What is your favourite animal?

    This has to be a Praying Mantis.

    What is your favourite animal fact?

    Some species of praying mantis are parthenogenic so the females can fertilise their own eggs without a male - strange, interesting and if you are a man, just a little bit scary!!!

    Some Stuff about me

    I can wiggle my ears and fold them in, squash my nose and turn my tongue upside down. I love jelly babies, turkish delight, marshmallows and root beer.

    I have a black belt in karate, two gorgeous children, bake a mean lemon meringue pie and enjoy just dance 3 on the wii (with the kids obviously - ahem).

    Currently I am in training for a 56 mile hike round the peak district and a half marathon in March.

  • Marie Conway -status - currently not active. - click to view more

    What is your favourite animal?

    I can never give a straight answer to this question, I adore all my animals but the cuties are definitely the Sugar Gliders, the funniest are the chickens and the most interesting are the minibeasts!

    What is your favourite animal fact?

    The Death's Head cockroach can live for one week without its head. This species of cockroach has six brains throughout its body; therefore, it can still fully function after its head is removed. However, without a mouth, it cannot gain the food and water it needs for a long and health life, and will eventually dehydrate and starve to death.

    Some Stuff about me

    When I was at primary school I told my mum, when I grow up I want to marry a farmer just so I can have lots of animals. I'm still looking by the way!

    I worked in Thailand for two months at a rescue centre and went swimming in a lake with elephants - it was awesome

    I am currently learning to kayak, I love the water and swimming but thought kayaking would get me closer to river wildlife

    WhenI get time I love to paint, there is nothing better than splashing a few paints around. my favourite artist is Franz Marc

    I can't watch horror films there too scary but I enjoy a good comedy. Which means that Snakes on a plane is definitely not my favourite film

  • Jo Drever-Smith Founder of Animals In-Tuition. Contact for all general enquiries :Tel 07817 637366. Email - click to view more

    What is your favourite animal?

    It has to be dogs and horses, I have a mini schnauzer and a border terrier, sadly no horses at the moment.

    What is your favourite animal fact?

    Komodo Dragons will try to eat the baby Dragons, so the young have to climb in the trees to hide themselves. The young dragons are generally green and brown with stripes to help him hide in the trees.

    Some Stuff about me

    I am scared of spiders! I can now at least handle Cruella my tarantula, but at home I am the first one to stand on the sofa if a spider runs across the floor!

    I have been scuba diving alongside some amazing marine life, seals, sharks, dolphins, turtles, sea snakes, moray eels, octopus, rays and so many beautiful fish but I have never yet seen sponge bob square pants.

    I love long distance horse riding and have spent many hours on the back of a horse exploring reserves in Africa, rainforests in Costa Rica and deserts in Egypt, it really is a great way to observe the wildlife.